90s Lucky Bags: Unwrapping Nostalgic Treasure Troves!

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You’ve probably heard of 90s lucky bags before. They’re those little bags filled with random stuff you get at parties or events. The idea behind them is that they’re meant to bring good luck. However, did you know that lucky bags aren’t new? They’ve actually been around since the early 1900s. And now, thanks to social media, they’re becoming even more popular!

What is a Lucky Bag?

lucky bag is similar to what we call a ‘mystery box’ nowadays. It’s filled with all sorts of interesting and valuable goodies, which is why most shoppers are willing to wait in line for hours to get their hands on one.

Sellers can put whatever they want in the bag. So, depending on the event, you can receive all kinds of goodies. The Lucky Bag 90s usually had a mix of toys, sweets and other playthings. These days the modern equivalent of a mystery box is more diverse and usually more impressive, sometimes featuring clothes, shoes, cosmetics, and sometimes even gadgets or electronics.

They’re used more as a marketing strategy, so they need to include items that would entice customers to come back and buy more stuff. This is why stores take time when deciding on what they should place in these bags.

This is a big departure from the 90’s lucky bag that we used to know and love which were used much more as treat for kids or something to spend your pocket money on!

What did 90s Lucky Bags look like?

90s Lucky Bags were usually yellow and put together in a plasticky envelope a bit like the two photos below:

What’s the Purpose of Lucky Bags?

Lucky bags were first used in the 1910s. This was when stores started selling a limited number of bags that contained goods that cost more than what the shoppers paid.

The bags gained popularity due to the element of surprise, not to mention the valuable products customers were eager to find. Additionally, lucky bags were also used for marketing or selling overstock products at a huge discount.

Nonetheless, buying lucky bags became a common Japanese tradition used for a myriad of purposes. They’re now referred to as “New Year merchandise” because they’re sold after Christmas or New Year’s Day.

It’s even become normal to see customers lined up in front of stores every morning on January 2nd.

Popular Dick Turtle Lucky Bag:

The most popular 90s lucky bags were the Dick Turtles. A lot of kids enjoyed those packs back then, and even now, you might catch sight of a post on social media asking about them every so often.

Lucky Bag 90s Content

Lucky Bags UK 1990s Contents

If we think back to the contents of Lucky Bags, they could contain almost anything, including some of the following:

  • Candies and sweets
  • Games
  • Stickers and stamps
  • Miniature playing cards
  • Balls
  • Crayons and pens
  • Coloring books
  • Activity books
  • 90s banners and decor

Lucky Bags UK 1990s Contents

Let’s delve deeper into the contents of these 90s lucky bags. People reminisce about finding “lil ball sweets,” “flat round cola or orange flavoured sweets filled with sherbet,” “jelly sweets,” “a 3-page colour book,” “a spinning top,” and “a sticker sheet” inside their bags. The contents might not have been extraordinary, but they sure were exciting to uncover! Plus, the memories of these little treasures are a testament to the lasting impact of these delightful bags.

90s Lucky Bags from Ireland

Ireland of course also had their own lucky bags and there really wasn’t much difference between UK and Irish ones. They still contained things like stickers of movie stars, dib dabs, sherbert UFO’s and other great treats!

The Characters Behind the Bags

Lucky bag Dick Turtle

A lot of lucky bags had characters and sidekicks associated with them. For instance, there was a Dick Turtle bag which was undoubtedly the most popular!

Fanny Flamingo lucky bag

There were also bags with a character called Fanny Flamingo! These characters added an extra layer of fun and anticipation, making the unwrapping of the bag a thrilling experience.

The Mixed Bag of Opinions

Opinions on lucky bags are as varied as their contents. Some nostalgics remember them fondly, cherishing the feeling of anticipation and the joy of surprise they brought, even if the contents themselves were sometimes a bit disappointing. Others, however, recall feeling let down by their lucky bags, believing they could have gotten better value for their money elsewhere. But isn’t that part of the charm? The thrill, the suspense, the chance that you might unveil a treasure… It’s all part of the lucky bag experience.

Creating Your Own Lucky Bags Experience

While lucky bags as we remember them may not be as common today, that doesn’t mean the fun has to end! Why not create your own lucky bag for a blast from the past? You could fill it with nostalgic items from the 90s, or introduce the joy of lucky bags to a new generation. After all, the magic of lucky bags is timeless, and it’s never too late to relive or share that excitement.

Rounding up the 90s Lucky Bags

Opening lucky bags is a joy and excitement that everyone should experience at least once in their lives. So, if you’re feeling nostalgic about these fun bags from when you were a kid, why not get one for yourself now?

Or, you can get one made for adults in mind. Either way, the idea behind these bags has nothing to do with age but about the surprises they hold inside. Interested in other trips down memory lane or some of our 90s shopping throwbacks?