Best Biothane Dog Leads: Stylish, Durable Picks for 2023

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Hey 90’s kids, you’ve gotta check out this bomb¬†shopping guide¬†for Biothane leads that are perfect for your fur-buddies! Made from a dope synthetic material that looks and feels like leather, these leads are all that and a bag of chips. They’re not only strong and durable but also waterproof and easy to clean. So, no matter the weather or adventure, Biothane leads will keep you and your dog stylin’ and profilin’ while staying safe and comfy. Don’t miss out on our guide to the Best Biothane Dog Leads for your four-legged friend!

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Fetch Club's Best Biothane Dog Leads (10m)

With the Biothane 10m Training Line, dog owners will love the following features and benefits:

  1. Freedom and Safety: This 10-meter-long training line provides ample freedom for your dog to roam, while ensuring they stay safe as you work on recall training. Customers have found it very useful for teaching their dogs to come back on command.

  2. Durable and Waterproof: Made from Biothane, a super-strong synthetic faux leather, this dog lead is waterproof and highly durable. It won’t tie itself in unmovable knots like other leads, meaning it will last longer and remain reliable in various weather conditions.

  3. Easy Maintenance: Cleaning the Biothane Training Line is a breeze. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth, and it’s good as new! No need to worry about mud or dirt ruining your lead.

  4. Convenient Storage: The included velcro strap makes it easy to store your lead neatly when not in use.

  5. Quality Handmade Product: Handmade in the UK, this dog lead is crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring a high-quality product for you and your dog.

  6. Quick UK Delivery: With fast shipping, you’ll have the training line in your hands in no time, ready to begin training your dog.

  7. Free 30-Day Returns and Free Delivery: With free Royal Mail delivery on orders over ¬£40 and a 30-day return policy, you can shop with confidence, knowing that you’re making a risk-free purchase.

In simple words, the Biothane 10m Training Line offers dog owners a durable, waterproof, and easy-to-clean lead that provides their dogs with freedom and safety during recall training. The convenience of storage, quick delivery, and free returns make it an attractive choice for any dog owner looking to invest in a reliable and high-quality dog lead. Available at Fetch Club for £38.95

Best Biothane Dog Leads from Handmade Hound

Introducing the Double Ended Biothane Training Lead from Handmade Hound, available at just £32.99 and in a stunning range of 38 different colours. This versatile and practical 2.13-meter (approximately 7ft) training leash is a must-have for every dog owner, thanks to its multiple functions and optimum control features.

Equipped with clips on both ends and three connection points, this lead can be used in various ways to suit your needs, such as with a front and back clip harness or head collar to promote loose lead walking and prevent pulling. It’s also perfect for tethering your dog in public places like restaurants or pubs, or even for hands-free walking by clipping it around your waist.

Add a touch of personalization by selecting an accent colour for the ends and connection points, and don’t forget to complete the look with a matching collar. After all, coordinating accessories instantly make you feel better, so why not indulge yourself and your dog?

Choose from various hardware options, including nickel/silver, rose gold, black, and brass plated finishes. To keep your lead looking great, simply pat it dry after water exposure, avoid harsh chemicals, and clean with a damp cloth or an old toothbrush and mild detergent. Remember to rinse off salt water after beach visits to ensure the longevity of your stylish Biothane training lead! Available at Handmade Hound for £32.99

BioThane Long Line from theDoghouse

Discover the versatile and practical BioThane 12mm Long Line, with prices ranging from £18.99 to £102.99, depending on the size you choose. A long-line is a fixed-length dog training leash with a clip fastener at one end, designed for various training purposes, such as practicing recalls, gundog training, working with reactive dogs, or Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) setups.

These long lines offer greater control while allowing your dog to free-run, making your training efforts more effective by preventing your dog from engaging in unwanted behaviors. The ideal long-line length depends on your intended use, with a 10m+ line recommended for recalls, free-running, and gundog training, and a 5m line for reactive dogs or BAT setups. To ensure safety, always use a harness with a long-line, preferably attaching the lead to the back of the harness to avoid tangling.

On those especially long walks, you can bop along to our 90s one-hit wonders or think about 90s Toys we still think about!

Available in a wide range of lengths and 19 stunning colors, these stylish long lines are perfect for recall training, scentwork, tracking, mantrailing, and more. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, the seller is very helpful with personalised assistance. With a thickness of 2.5mm and a break strength of 453kg (per 25mm width), the BioThane 12mm Long Line is a reliable, functional, and stylish choice for any dog owner. This Biothane lead is available now from theDoghouse.

Collared Creatures Personalised Biothane Collar

Next Up we have the Teal & Coral Multicolour Waterproof Biothane Dog Collar from Collared Creatures, available at a regular price of ¬£22.00. This stylish and practical collar comes in a range of sizes, from 11-27″ (28-68cm), and widths, like between 15 and 25mm. You can also choose from various hardware options, like brass or stainless steel to suit your personal preferences.

For a perfectly coordinated look, you can add a matching clip lead in 15mm, 20mm, or 25mm widths, each priced at an additional ¬£22. Plus, the big selling point: enjoy free engraving on the collar with up to three lines of text, allowing you to personalize it with your dog’s information for added safety and style. This Biothane Lead is available now from Collared Creatures

Maybe even pick yourself a matching 90s grunge shirt to complete the look for both you and your furry pal!

Best Biothane Dog Collars from Collars by Kitt

We love these personalised Dog Collar & Nameplates from Collars by Kitt. Made with Biothane material and equipped with all Stainless Steel hardware, this collar is not only waterproof and maintenance-free but also highly resistant to odors, bacteria, and mold. Its sleek design ensures a comfortable fit without any bulky overlaps or pesky strap ends flapping.

Not only are they stylish but by choosing Collars by Kitt, you’re supporting local animal rescues, as a portion of the profits goes to Piedmont Animal Rescue or Hartmans Haven Dog Rescue. These organizations are committed to helping neglected, abused, and medically-needy dogs so you can feel good when you¬†purchase a biothane dog collar & nameplate.

Each collar and leash comes with a laser-engraved “Collars by Kitt” on the stainless steel hardware, so you’ll always remember where you got this amazing collar. Additionally, all leashes and collars are wrapped in PawPrint Tissue Paper and garnished with PawPrint Ribbon, making them perfect for gifting or personal use.

Don’t forget to complete the look with a matching leash! Find the 5/8″ leash (625 pound minimum pull strength) here: Matching 5/8″ wide Leash, and the 1″ leash (1000 pound minimum pull strength) here: Matching 1″ wide Leash.

These biothane collars are available from $37.50 at Collars by Kitts 

The Best Biothane Dog Leads & Collars

So 90’s kids, it’s time to level up your dog’s gear with our best Biothane dog leads and collars from our top five gnarly retailers. These bad boys are waterproof, durable, and a breeze to clean, so your pooch stays fresh and comfy. Pick from a wide array of wicked colors and styles, tailored to your dog’s unique vibe. Plus, you’ll be supporting local animal rescues too! Give your fur-buddy a blast from the past with these totally tubular accessories!

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