Unlocking the Secret of Cranking 90s: A Fortnite Deep Dive

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The term cranking 90s which is frequently used in the game Fortnite originates from two separate things:

  1. Cranking : to do something excessively (e.g. crank up the volume!)
  2. 90s: in this instance refers to 90 degrees, a quarter turn.

So when you put them together, Cranking 90s refers to building a specific structure in which you place walls and a ramp quickly in succession to create a tower, turning the ramp 90 degrees to the right or left each time you build. Since it can be a bit tricky to understand, I recommend you check out the video below!

What does Cranking 90s look like?

As you can see, most players do this at a crazy pace so slowing down the video and watching frame by frame is well advised! Most players crank 90s faster than you can see them and that’s no doubt because of the imminent threat of other players when playing Fortnite. The action of walls and ramps allows for quick descent whilst also keep an eye out for enemies.

Is Cranking 90s popular?

The online game Fortnite is incredibly popular with over four million players playing at the same time. That’s just peanuts compared to the popularity of some of our 90s toys we still think about but nonetheless, it’s no surprise that the game and indeed the phrase has made it into popular culture to the extent that Rick n Morty, a hugely popular cartoon released an episode in which one of the main characters (Rick) was seen to be cranking 90s:

Who invented Cranking 90s?

It is difficult to pinpoint a single person who “invented” the technique, as it likely developed organically as players discovered more efficient ways to build structures in the game. The technique became popular as Fortnite streamers and competitive players showcased their skills and shared strategies online.

What does ChatGPT say about Cranking 90s?

an ai image of cranking 90s

So there you have it, we’ve well and truly defined the phrase and we hoped you enjoyed our article and now have a clear understanding of what Cranking 90s means!

And just in case you don’t we even bing’s ai image creator to make an image of cranking 90s and it created the image above (misses the mark!) but ChatGPT faired better, defining cranking 90s as follows:

 “Cranking 90s” is a term from the popular online video game Fortnite. It refers to a building technique used by players to quickly gain the high ground over their opponents. The term “90s” comes from the 90-degree turns players make while building ramps, walls, and floors to ascend rapidly. This technique has become a symbol of skill in the Fortnite community, and mastering it is essential for advanced players to dominate their opponents.”