Popular Bath Toys of the 90s: Splashing Down Memory Lane

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Remember those amazing bath toys from the 90s? Man, those were the days. From squirtin’ dolphins to moldable castles, the 90s had it all when it came to bath time fun.

One of the most iconic bath toys of the 90s was the squirtin’ dolphin. This plastic dolphin would fill up with water when you squeezed its tail, and then you could squirt the water back out of its mouth. Kids loved these things, and they were a staple in almost every bathroom across the country.

But the squirtin’ dolphin wasn’t the only aquatic animal making a splash in the 90s. There were also squirtin’ whales, squirtin’ octopuses, and even squirtin’ sharks. And let’s not forget the classic squirtin’ fish, which came in all sorts of bright, colorful designs. These toys were a ton of fun, and they made bath time a true adventure.

Another popular bath toy was the moldable castle. This one came with a little tub of moldable material that you could shape into all sorts of cool things. Want to make a turret for your castle? No problem. How about a moat to keep out the enemy knights? Easy peasy. These toys were great for kids who loved to use their imagination and create their own little worlds in the bath.

And speaking of imaginative play, the 90s were also home to a wide variety of bath toy sets. There were pirate ships, dinosaur islands, and even underwater treasure hunts. These sets came with everything you needed to create your own adventures in the bath, from plastic figurines to treasure chests and more.

Of course, no 90s bath time would be complete without a rubber duck. These little guys came in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and kids loved to collect them. Some rubber ducks even had special features, like the ability to squirt water or change color when they got wet. And let’s not forget the other bath time staples, like floating boats and squirtin’ squids.

But it wasn’t just the toys that made 90s bath time so great. The soaps and shampoos were also a lot of fun. These products were colorful and often had an enjoyable, playful scents like strawberry or watermelon. Many of them also had characters from popular cartoons or movies on the packaging, which made them even more appealing to kids.

One of the most popular kids’ shampoos in the 90s was called “Bubble Up.” This shampoo had a bright blue and green bottle with a cartoon character on the front that looked like a bubble. The shampoo itself was clear and had a fruity scent that kids loved. It was also tear-free, so parents didn’t have to worry about it stinging their child’s eyes.

Another popular kids’ shampoo in the 90s was called “No More Tangles.” This shampoo had a purple and pink bottle with a cartoon princess on the front. The shampoo itself was thick and creamy, and it was designed to help untangle kids’ hair without causing any tears. This shampoo was especially popular with parents of girls who had long, curly hair.

In addition to shampoos, there were also a variety of kids’ soaps in the 90s. These soaps were often shaped like fun objects like animals or cars, and they came in a variety of colors and scents. For example, there was a soap in the shape of a dolphin that was blue and had a fresh, ocean-like scent. There was also a soap in the shape of a car that was red and had a “racing” scent.

In summary, if you were a kid in the 90s, chances are you had some pretty rad bath time products. There were all sorts of fun and colorful shampoos and soaps, often with scents like strawberry or watermelon. And the packaging was even cooler, with characters from your favorite cartoons or movies on the front. These products were gentle on your eyes and skin, so your parents didn’t have to worry. And if you were really lucky, you might have had some cool bath toys like a dolphin-shaped soap or a car-shaped one that made bath time even more fun. Overall, the 90s were a great time for bath time products.

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