Slam into Nostalgia: The WWE Ice Cream Bars of the 90s

WWE ice cream bars stickers

90s WWE Ice Cream Bars were a popular snack in the 1990s and beloved by wrestling fans. This treat was introduced by WWE during the height of their popularity and quickly became a fan favorite.

  • One memorable aspect was the wrapper, which featured wrestlers’ photos on it.
  • The bars were available at live events across the United States and Canada.
  • The flavor was chocolate coated vanilla with cookie bits inside, creating a distinct taste.

Interestingly, these ice cream bars were only available for a short period before being discontinued. However, their nostalgic appeal has made them sought after by collectors and wrestling fans alike.

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The Packaging of 90s WWE Ice Cream Bars

The packaging and design of the WWE Ice Cream Bars during the 90s was an important factor in its popularity. The use of vibrant colors and images of wrestling superstars helped attract fans while also making it easily recognizable.

design and packaging of 90s WWE ice cream bars

WWF ice cream bars from the 90s

To explore the various types of WWE ice cream bars that were popular in the 90s, the article has introduced a section on ‘Types of WWE Ice Cream Bars in the 90s’. The sub-sections in this segment are ‘John Cena Bars’, ‘The Rock Bars’ and ‘Stone Cold Bars’. Each of these sub-sections encapsulates the unique characteristics and flavors of the WWE ice cream bars and their massive popularity during that era.

John Cena Bars

In the 90s, there were ice cream bars that represented popular WWE wrestlers. One of these was the celebrity icon known as John Cena, who had his own specialized frozen treat. They were especially well know as WWE ice cream sandwiches from and here are some details about what made them unique:

John Cena Bars from 1990s ice cream bars

The Marketing of WWE Ice Cream Bars

To understand the marketing strategy of WWE Ice Cream Bars, dive into their advertisement campaigns and the popularity they gained. Explore the different methods they employed to promote the bars and the reasons behind their success.

The Advertisement Campaigns of WWE Ice Cream Bars

The promotion of WWE Ice Cream Bars’ Marketing Campaigns has been a great success. There are various Advertisement Campaigns utilized to promote the product that has grabbed the attention of the targeted audiences.

Here is a table that highlights the Advertisement Campaigns of WWE Ice Cream Bars, their strategies, timeframe, and outcomes.

Advertisement CampaignsStrategiesTimeframeOutcomes
Social Media PromotionPaid Ads on Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Instagram), promoted tweets on Twitter, and Influencer Marketing.The Campaign ran for 60 days during Summer Season.Increasing Brand Awareness among young audience.
In-Ring PromotionsUtilized Promotional Video on Big Screens, Announcements by Commentators & SuperStars, and promoting the Product’s Availability at Merchandise Booth.The whole event. (TV Shows + Pay-per-view events)Better Product Visibility to in-person audience resulted in increased sales during events.
Sponsorship in Kids ProgramsTied up with Popular Kids shows to run Sponsored Episodes featuring WWE Superstars promoting WWE Ice Cream Bars throughout the episode.The campaign ran for 120 days across multiple kid program channels.Increased Sales volume through KIDS shows and Better Brand Recognition among Preteens and Teenage audience.

In addition to this, WWE also introduced special edition Wrappers of Ice Cream bars with WWE Superstar Characters printed allowing fans to collect them as merchandise.

To maintain product engagement and customer retention rates, WWE also introduced Monthly Online contests that needed fans to share their pictures consuming the Ice cream bars.

To keep the promotion Game Strong and Improving even better, WWE can introduce sales promotions like Buy-one-Get-One-free or limited edition collectibles merchandising. They can even tie up with more kid programs channels to Middle East and Asian Markets as it is less explored.

Such planning would call for a more strategic upgrade in their technology backend, but with its popularity soaring high beyond expectations, the investment would pay off synergistically.

They say the road to popularity is paved with ice cream bars, and WWE sure knows how to get their fans drooling.

WWE ice cream bars stickers

The Popularity of WWE Ice Cream Bars

The iconic WWE Ice Cream Bars have become a fan-favorite and an integral part of the WWE merchandise. These bars were originally introduced in the 1980s but made their comeback in 2020, causing a frenzy among fans. Here are some reasons why these ice cream bars gained such immense popularity.

  • Nostalgia: The revival of these bars brought back fond memories for older WWE fans who grew up in the 80s and enjoyed these treats at live events.
  • Unique branding: The packaging of these bars features popular wrestlers, making them attractive to younger audiences as well.
  • Limited availability: The bars are only available at select venues during live events, making them a rare find and exclusive treat for fans who attend.
  • Social media buzz: Fans took to social media to share pictures and posts about the ice cream bars, creating hype and interest in them.

WWE Ice Cream Bars: A Marketing Success Story

The popularity of WWE Ice Cream Bars hasn’t gone unnoticed by WWE officials either. They have gone above and beyond to incorporate this product into their marketing strategy, even using it as a giveaway during major pay-per-view events.

In order to maintain the momentum and increase demand for their ice cream bars, WWE could consider expanding their availability beyond live events. Partnering with retail chains or creating an online store could make it accessible to more fans around the world. Additionally, experimenting with new flavors or limited edition packaging could keep fans coming back for more. This marketing success story proves that nostalgia combined with unique branding can be a powerful tool in creating a successful product.

WWE fans were devastated when they heard the news of the discontinuation of the ice cream bars, but it’s not like they needed more reasons to be bitter about their favorite wrestler’s storylines.

The Craze of WWE Ice Cream Bars among Fans


WWE fans in the 90s were fervently obsessed with the iconic WWE Ice Cream bars. These frozen treats, adorned with wrestler images, became a symbol of fandom across the United States.

  • WWE Ice Cream Bars¬†fueled nostalgia among fans
  • Available for purchase at live events and select stores
  • Many fans collected the wrappers and displayed them as memorabilia
  • The bars featured popular wrestlers like¬†Hulk Hogan¬†and¬†Undertaker
  • Their withdrawal from the market left a void that fans still lament today
  • Several petitions have been launched to bring them back
Re-Release of WWE Ice Cream Bars

The Discontinuation of WWE Ice Cream Bars

To understand the reasons for the discontinuation of WWE ice cream bars in the 90s, you need to know the history and nostalgia behind them. The sub-sections we will discuss will shed light on what led to the decision to stop producing these beloved treats.

Reasons for Discontinuation

The cessation of WWE Ice Cream Bars production has left many wondering what led to the product’s discontinuation. Here are six key reasons that contributed to its demise:

  1. Declining sales

  2. Difficulty in distribution, particularly during offseasons

  3. High production costs and low margins

  4. The product lacked customization options, unlike other merchandise

  5. Lack of promotional efforts by WWE

  6. Health concerns with regards to the bar’s nutritional value

It is worth noting that despite being a niche product, these factors collectively impacted its discontinuation.

While the above reasons offer explanations for the end of WWE Ice Cream Bars, an interesting fact about them is that they had become synonymous with WWE superstar “The Macho Man” Randy Savage. He had famously endorsed these bars through several ad campaigns.

Overall, though nostalgic and beloved by fans, it is unlikely that we will ever see the return of WWE Ice Cream Bars as we know them.

Fans couldn’t get enough of the WWE Ice Cream Bars, but for a while they had to settle for a tasty dose of disappointment.

The Re-Release of WWE Ice Cream Bars

Many people may not realize is that these ice cream bars had surprising longevity even after their initial discontinuation. Some vendors continued to sell them even years after they were supposed to be off the market.

A true fact: The WWE recently collaborated with Good Humor to bring back their famous ice cream bar in 2021. (source:

The only thing cooler than a WWE superstar is a WWE ice cream bar making a comeback.

New Design and Flavors

The latest incarnation of WWE Ice Cream Bars offers a rejuvenated design and varied flavors that bring back memories of the iconic frozen treat. The new design and flavors of WWE Ice Cream Bars are sure to satisfy the cravings of wrestling fans who have been eagerly waiting for their return.

  • The WWE logo is prominently displayed on each bar, with an action-packed wrestler featured beside it.
  • Favorite classic ice cream flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry are available, now in addition to newer flavor profiles such as cookie dough and caramel swirl.
  • The bars are larger in size than their predecessors but still come neatly packaged.
  • Vibrant colors create an eye-catching appeal in new packaging that retains the nostalgic feel of the product while making it stand out on shelves.
  • In response to customer demand, there is now an increase in distribution channels across North America so fans can find them more easily.
  • A limited edition Macho Man variant was released which features creamy vanilla ice cream swirled with tangy raspberry ribbons.

For those looking for a unique treat for themselves or as a gift for a WWE fan, there is no better choice than these ice cream bars. With their cool swirls and delicious flavor profiles, they make the perfect addition to any sweet-toothed person’s collection.

Interestingly enough, CM Punk was once had his face featured on an exclusive version of this classic frozen treat. The only thing more satisfying than watching WWE stars destroy each other in the ring is devouring a WWE ice cream bar during the match.

The comeback of the WWE ice cream bars

The Impact of Re-Release on Fans

The Re-Emergence of WWE Ice Cream Bars is causing a frenzy among die-hard fans. This nostalgic treat is sure to transport WWE lovers back in time, creating a unique sensory experience that brings them closer to their favorite wrestlers. The return of this iconic treat has reignited a spark in long-term fans, and new ones can now experience the joy it brings.

The marketing strategy behind the re-release is stirring fan excitement through social media; several hashtag campaigns and brand partnerships are increasing visibility among different demographics. New ordering methods are also improving accessibility, such as doorstep delivery and pre-ordering before events at arenas.

The WWE’s decision to bring back the Ice Cream Bars was influenced by years of fan demands. The idea for these delicious treats dates back to the 1980s when the ice cream bars were first released after being manufactured by Good Humor-Breyers. They featured portraits of¬†legendary wrestlers who inspired generations of fans across America.

Even if you’re not a wrestling fan, the re-release of WWE Ice Cream Bars proves that¬†nostalgia and sugar can make any comeback sweet.

Concluding 90s WWE Ice Cream Bars

With the¬†WWE Ice Cream Bars of the 90s, fans tasted their love for both wrestling and sweet treats. The ice cream bars were more than just frozen snacks; they were a symbol of nostalgia that transported fans back to a simpler time in the sport’s history. As ingrained in WWE lore as finishing moves and chants, these ice cream bars have become a beloved staple for those who grew up during that era.

WWE has continued to produce and sell ice cream bars in recent years, but many fans maintain that nothing can compare to the original incarnation. During their heyday in the 90s, each bar featured an image of a popular wrestler‚Äôs face on the packaging, making them collectible items for diehard fans. Along with providing much-needed refreshment on hot summer days, they also enhanced fans’ viewing experiences at home or live events.

Despite being discontinued for over two decades,¬†WWE Ice Cream Bars remain an iconic part of the sport’s cultural legacy. Fans still share their fond memories of eating these bars on social media and at conventions. While tastes may change, these nostalgic treats continue to hold a special place in the hearts of wrestling fans around the world.

Good Humor super stars cookie sandwiches

Frequently Asked Questions

What are WWE Ice Cream Bars of the 90s?

WWE Ice Cream Bars were an iconic frozen treat from the 90s featuring wrestler trading cards on the packaging and vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate wafers.

Do they still make WWE Ice Cream Bars?

Yes! WWE and Good Humor have relaunched the WWE Ice Cream Bars in 2020, with updated packaging and all-new trading cards featuring current WWE Superstars.

Where can I buy WWE Ice Cream Bars?

A: WWE Ice Cream Bars are available at retailers nationwide, including Walmart, Target, and most grocery stores.

How much do WWE Ice Cream Bars cost?

The price may vary depending on the retailer, but typically they cost around $3-$4 for a box of six bars.

Can I collect the trading cards that come with the WWE Ice Cream Bars?

Yes! Each box contains one pack of four trading cards featuring WWE Superstars past and present, and collectors can try to complete the full set.

Are the new WWE Ice Cream Bars as good as the original ones?

The new WWE Ice Cream Bars are made with the same recipe and ingredients as the original ones, so they are just as delicious and nostalgic as you remember.

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