Bring Back the Glow with 90s Neon Fashion

accessorizing with neon​

Neon Fashion, an iconic trend of the 90s, has recently made a comeback. This bold and eye-catching style seems to be an agreeable fashion choice for people of all ages. Neon colors are not only fashionable but also evoke feelings of fun, energy, and positivity.

The neon trend is versatile and can be incorporated into any outfit, such as jackets, tops, dresses, shoes or accessories. For those who want to experiment with this vibrant look without going overboard, adding neon accents to their outfits can be a good starting point.

Noteworthy is that wearing neon colors under black lights gives off an incredibly cool effect that makes you feel like a character from the sci-fi series!

A young lady named Laura shares her experience of wearing neon clothes in a club. She says “I felt like I was glowing in the dark! People kept asking where I got my outfit from.”

Get ready to be the highlight of the party with neon clothing so bright, you’ll make a traffic cone jealous!

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Neon Clothing: Bold and Eye-catching

The use of vibrant Neon Clothing has always been considered bold and attractive in fashion. Neon Clothing permits a sense of versatility and experimentation in fashion, in which people can showcase their personality by using vibrant colors.

  • Neon clothing includes bright and bold colors, which grab people’s attention and create an eye-catching look.
  • The unique and varied styles of neon clothing, such as mesh tops, bomber jackets, tracksuits, and skirts, allow for endless styling possibilities.
  • Neon clothing is perfect for making a statement at events, festivals, or parties. Its fluorescent colors glow under the black lights, making the wearer stand out.
  • Incorporating neon into an outfit can add dimension, texture and a pop of color, which can be subtle or bold depending on personal style.

Apart from being visually impressive, neon clothing is also widely available in different sizes and styles. These characteristics allow people of diverse ages and body types to experiment with this exciting trend.

Back in the 1980s, Neon Clothing was a popular trend amongst youth and was commonly used for aerobics or gym wear. However, during the 1990s, Neon Clothing became more mainstream and was incorporated into various fashion trends, including grunge, punk, and rave fashion. Its popularity continued to grow, and this trend is now making a comeback in the fashion industry.

Neon fashion: proving that you don’t need to stick to the rainbow for a vibrant wardrobe.

neon fashion clothing

History of Neon Fashion

The use of neon colors in fashion has a rich and varied history. From the bright hues of the 1980s to their resurgence in recent years, neon garments have always stood out. In the early days, neon shades were dyed onto garments to create patterns and designs that were impossible with traditional dyes. Neon clothing was also used as a safety measure for construction workers and road crews, making them more visible to drivers at night!

As fashion evolved, so did the use of neon colors. Designers began using fluorescent fabrics to add bold accents to their collections. They experimented with neon color-blocking, mixing bright shades together or pairing them with other bold patterns and prints. Neon hues also became popular among sporting goods manufacturers, who used them prominently in athletic wear.

Today’s fashion landscape continues to incorporate neon hues in bold and inventive ways. Neon clothing pairs well with denim or neutral colors like black or white. It can be seen on everything from sneakers to sunglasses. The flashy pops of color are eye-catching and youthful, appealing to consumers looking for something unique and fun.

A study conducted by Grand View Research showed that the global market for fluorescent pigments is expected to reach $2.26 billion by 2025 due to increased demand from cosmetics, automotive coatings, plastics, textiles, printing inks, and others. This suggests that the future for neon fashion remains bright!.

When it comes to neon fabrics and patterns, you can either make a bold statement or become one with your surroundings at a rave.

Neon Fabrics and Patterns

Neon fabrics and prints are a fun and bold way to add some excitement to your wardrobe. Neon colors have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for a good reason. They are eye-catching and make a statement.

  • Neon fabrics add an instant pop of color to any outfit. Whether it’s a neon pink blouse or yellow shorts, the vibrant hues stand out.
  • Neon patterns can range from animal print to geometric shapes, making them versatile for many styles.
  • Neon materials are not just limited to clothing; accessories like bags, hats, and jewelry can also incorporate these neon highlights.

One interesting fact about neon clothes is that they were particularly trendy during the 1980s but have made a recent resurgence in popularity in contemporary fashion.

Pro Tip: When incorporating neon into your outfit, keep your accessories minimalistic to avoid overwhelming the look. Who needs jewelry with a neon outfit? You’ll be glowing brighter than any diamond.

accessorizing with neon​

Accessorizing with Neon

Incorporating Vibrant Neon Shades for Your Accessories

Enhancing your style game with the vibrant hues of the 90s neon fashion trends is a refreshing way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe. Here are three simple ways you can highlight your style with neon accessories:

  1. Neon Jewelry: Chunky necklaces, hoop earrings, and bracelets in neon shades are an effortless way to accessorize your look and add a statement to your outfit.
  2. Neon Bags: Bright neon bags will elevate your look and add a unique touch to your wardrobe. Fanny packs, tote bags, and clutches in neon shades are perfect for a day out or an evening event.
  3. Neon Shoes: Strut your stuff in neon-colored shoes, whether it’s a pair of high-top sneakers or sandals. It adds a playful and bold touch to your outfit.

Additionally, it’s crucial to pair your neon accessories with neutral outfits. This helps the accessories stand out and create a cohesive look.

Lastly, fashion enthusiasts have embraced the 90s neon trend, creating unique and striking styles that showcase their personality and fashion sense. One blogger shared how she created a refreshing look by pairing a neon bucket hat with a neutral outfit, adding a unique detail to her ensemble.

Add some neon bling and let your jewelry do the talking – because who needs words when you’ve got powerfully bright accessories?

Neon Jewelry: Bright and Playful

The addition of neon jewelry can bring a playful and bright touch to any outfit. Bold and vivid colors make a striking statement in accessorizing. Neon accents add the perfect pop of color to complete an ensemble.

Neon jewelry is versatile, it can be paired with both formal and casual outfits for a memorable look. The best part of neon is its ability to draw attention to the wearer, highlighting their personality and style. Neon bracelets, earrings and necklaces complement dark clothing, giving the illusion of brighter skin.

To create a bold and artistic look using neon jewelry, pair it with neutral or subdued colors like black, navy blue or white. Giving an everyday outfit that needed pick me up using neon becomes extremely easy with this hack.

Lastly, when styling with neon jewelry it’s important not to overdo it as complementing accessories can help tone down obnoxious jet vibrant features that come with such pieces.

Step up your fashion game with neon shoes and bags – because nothing screams ‘look at me’ like a fluorescent accessory.

Neon Shoes and Bags: A Pop of Color

Accessorizing with bright neon shoes and bags can add a pop of color to any outfit. Here are six reasons why neon accessories are a fashionable choice:

  • Neon accessories add an eye-catching element to your outfit.
  • Neon hues come in a variety of shades, offering options for all personal styles.
  • Neon accessories give classic outfits a modern twist.
  • Pairing neon with neutral colors creates balance in your look.
  • Neon items can be worn year-round, regardless of the season.
  • Accessorizing with neon is an easy way to incorporate runway trends into everyday fashion.

In addition, it’s worth noting that neon accessories work well in both casual and formal environments, making them versatile pieces for any wardrobe.

To emphasize the impact of accessorizing with bright neons, just take Sarah’s story as an example. Once she incorporated her bright green bag into her work attire, Sarah had several coworkers compliment her on how the pop of color added interest and vibrancy to her outfit. By simply adding small pops of neon like Sarah did, you too can elevate your style game! Who needs highlighter when your neon hair and makeup can light up the room?

Makeup and Hair: Neon Beauty Trends

Neon hues bring back the 90s nostalgia with a vibrant twist. The neon beauty trends for makeup and hair are taking over fashion with its bold shades and audacious charm.

– Makeup has been seeing a neon takeover with bold eyeshadows, lip shades, and liners. Go all out with bright hues like electric blues, fluorescent pinks, and neon greens to add that extra pop to your makeup looks.

– Hairstyles are also getting a neon makeover with strands dyed in electric shades. From just the tips to an ombre effect, the hair game is all about trying on bold new hues like neon orange, bright purple, and yellow.

– Adding neon nail art designs with vibrant patterns is a fun and easy way to incorporate neon trends into your beauty routine.

Apart from makeup and hair, neon trends are also seeping into accessories. Bold neon crossbody bags or heels in vibrant hues can add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Remember to keep the rest of your wardrobe simple and monochromatic to help the neon trend stand out.

If you’re a bit hesitant about going too bold with neon, start by incorporating small neon elements like a neon hair clip or earrings. Another way to ease in is by combining neon with neutral tones like black and white. This will help balance the look and ensure that the neon pops without overwhelming the outfit. And always remember to have fun with the trend and rock it with confidence.

Get ready to glow like a radioactive unicorn with these neon makeup looks that will make you the center of attention, whether it’s the 90s or 2090s.

Neon Makeup: Electric Colors and Shimmer

Neon makeup is the trend everyone is talking about. It features vivid pigments with shimmery texture to embellish eyes and face. This style complements daily makeup by increasing the dramatic effect in a glossy way.

  • Neon colors include electric neon shades that are applied on eyelids, inner corners, and lower lash lines.
  • Shimmering glitter adds a sparkly touch to bright colors emphasizing details on your face.
  • Extra shine can be achieved with highlighter applied to cheekbones, brow bones, and lips.
  • The daring way of wearing this style consists of using fluorescent eyeliners to create contrast in graphic lines.

In addition, neon beauty also reaches hair coloring techniques for bolder personalities seeking unique self-expression.

A True History about the use of neon pigments dates back to ancient Egypt when they were used as medicines for eye infections and sunscreen. Nowadays, cosmetics companies have taken inspiration from this history to bring alive these colorful products into modern fashion trends.

Warning: Neon hair is not for the faint of heart, but it’s definitely for those who want to be the brightest and boldest in the room.

Neon Hair: Bright and Bold Styles

When it comes to expressing oneself through beauty and fashion, hair plays a vital role. Vibrant hair colors have been trending for a while now and neon hair is the epitome of bold and bright styles. This trend allows individuals to showcase their creativity by experimenting with different neon shades.

  • One can go for full neon color or choose to color just some sections of their hair.
  • Neon highlights also add an interesting touch without going overboard.
  • A gradient effect starting from natural roots to vibrant tips is one way to get a subtle yet edgy look.
  • Hair extensions in different neon shades can give you a temporary change.
  • Using temporary dyes or chalks that last for a few washes are also popular among those who do not want a long-term commitment.
  • Braids, twists, and other popular hairstyles can incorporate neon colors in unique ways that showcase individual style preferences and elevates the overall look.

Unique details like adding UV-reactive dye to achieve glowing hair in dark lit areas or using pastel undertones with matching neon colors extend the possibilities of this trend even more.

A hairstylist shared that once during Halloween season, she had colored her client’s 10-year-old daughter’s hair with blue neon dye. The young girl absolutely loved the new look and showed off the colorful braids to all her friends at school. It was heartwarming to see the child embrace her unique sense of style so boldly and confidently, demonstrating how much happiness creative expression can bring.

Get ready to bust out your old Lisa Frank binder and embrace the 90s neon trend with some seriously rad makeup and hair.

How to Rock the 90s Neon Trend

The neon trend from the 90s is back, and it’s time to bring back the glow. Here are some ways to rock the trend without going overboard.

  • Start with small neon accessories like earrings or a necklace to add a pop of color to your outfit.
  • Incorporate neon clothes into your wardrobe by pairing them with neutral colors like black or white.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match neon colors to create a unique look.
  • For a subtle approach, try neon sneakers or a neon-colored bag.
  • For a bold statement, opt for a neon dress or jumpsuit.

To stand out from the crowd, add a touch of personal flair to your neon look. Consider experimenting with different textures and fabrics like leather or silk.

For the ultimate 90s feel, put your hair up in a scrunchie or sport a fanny pack. These nostalgic accessories will add an extra touch of fun to your ensemble.

Remember, the key to rocking neon is to keep it tasteful and balanced. By following these suggestions and adding your own personal touches, you’ll be sure to turn heads with your trendy neon look. Shine bright like a neon sign wherever you go with these 90s-inspired fashion gems.

Neon for Every Occasion

From street fashion to the runway, neon colors have become a staple trend. Embracing Neon for Every Occasion is no longer limited to clubbing or festivals. You can now wear it to work, brunch or even weddings.

  • For Work: Incorporate neon into your workwear with subtle accents like a bright statement necklace or shoes.
  • For Brunch: Rock a neon colored blazer over a white t-shirt and denim shorts for a casual yet stylish look.
  • For Weddings: Swap out traditional pastel colors for an eye-catching neon dress or heels.

There are countless ways to style this trend for every occasion. Pairing neon with neutral tones such as black, white or beige can keep the outfit balanced. Additionally, wearing one item of neon clothing at a time can provide just enough pop without being overwhelming.

Bright and bold, but not everyone has jumped on board yet. At first glance, it may seem daunting to incorporate neon into your wardrobe. However, with some creativity and willingness to try something new, anyone can rock this trend.

I once attended a beach wedding where the groomsmen wore custom-made bright pink suits that matched the bridesmaids’ dresses perfectly. It was unconventional but looked stunning in photos and added personality to the otherwise formal event. The key is to embrace the uniqueness of Neon for Every Occasion and let it shine in its own way!

Neon can be a tricky trend to tackle, but remember: there’s a fine line between looking like a highlighter and looking like a fashion icon.

Do's and Don'ts of Wearing Neon Fashion

Neon fashion is back, and everyone wants to try it out. Here are some tips on how to wear neon fashion without looking tacky or overdone.

  • Do choose one neon piece: Neon colors can be overwhelming. Have fun with them, but don’t go overboard. Pick one item that’s neon and pair it with your regular clothes.
  • Don’t mix too many patterns: Neon pieces are enough of a statement on their own. So avoid clashing with other prints or patterns in your outfit, which can look confusing.
  • Do accessorize: If you’re not ready to dive into full neon outfits, accessories are a great place to start experimenting with neon colors.

Remember that subtlety is key when it comes to neon fashion, and you don’t want to scare people away. So keep things simple and understated for a chic look.

Pro Tip: When accessorizing with neon items, consider pairing them alongside neutral-colored clothes. This will make your accessory stand out more and at the same time complementing the rest of your outfit.

Shine bright like a highlighter with these neon fashion finds.

Where to Find Neon Fashion

In the fashion world, accessing neon clothes can be challenging. However, several online and physical stores offer a variety of neon fashion items that can complement different outfits. If you are interested in adding some fluorescent pop to your wardrobe, consider the following options.

  • Online retailers like ASOSMissguided, and Dolls Kill offer a wide range of neon fashion products to choose from.
  • Big-chain stores such as H&MForever 21, and Zara have a section for neon-colored clothing.
  • Thrift stores offer unique and vintage neon clothing items that can be incorporated into different styles.
  • Focusing on activewear, Nike and Adidas have recently released neon sportswear lines.
  • Independent designers and artists on platforms like Etsy and Depop offer a range of neon products, including customized options.
  • Finally, boutique stores in fashion districts cater to the more sophisticated and fashion-forward neon enthusiasts.

It is essential to consider personal style and budget when deciding where to buy neon fashion. Experiment with different textures and patterns to avoid looking like you stepped out of the ’90s.

It is crucial to note that selecting the right accessories to accompany neon clothing can make or break an outfit. For example, a chunky silver chain can accentuate an electric blue shirt or dress.

According to Vogue UK, the ’90s era fashion, including neon, is making a comeback among contemporary brands.

(Source: Vogue UK)

Get ready to glow up your wardrobe with these neon brands and designers that’ll make you stand out like a highlighter in a room full of pencils.

Top Brands and Designers for Neon Clothing and Accessories

When it comes to fashionable neon clothing and accessories, there are several reputable brands and designers to consider. Here are some exclusive names worth knowing:


These designers offer a range of neon options from streetwear to luxury fashion, making it easy for anyone to add some color to their wardrobe.

For those who want a more affordable option, high street stores like Forever 21 and H&M also have neon collections. Fashion-forward online retailers such as Dolls Kill also offer unique neon pieces that can’t be found in traditional stores.

If you’re looking for something truly one-of-a-kind, consider checking out smaller independent designers on Etsy or Instagram. They often create custom pieces that cater specifically to your size and style preferences.

To fully embrace the neon trend, pair bold neon accents with more neutral colors like black or white. Opt for statement accessories like a bright clutch or shoes, or go all out with a full neon outfit paired with sleek heels or white sneakers.

By exploring these top brands and designers for neon clothing and accessories and trying out different styles, anyone can rock this vibrant trend with confidence.

Channel your inner 90s kid and dive into the neon abyss at these thrift stores and vintage shops.

Thrift Stores and Vintage Shops for 90s Neon Fashion Finds.

To find vintage neon clothing from the 90s, explore second-hand stores and retro boutiques. These nostalgic fashion spots offer affordable and unique finds that contrast with modern-day trends.

  • Search for thrift shops in your area that specialize in retro attire. These stores may have exclusive pieces from the 90s era that catch your eye.
  • Check out specialist vintage shops that stock a range of clothing items and accessories featuring vibrant neon colors. Their seasoned buyers know what’s in demand and popular amongst collectors and fashionistas alike.
  • View online retailers like Etsy, Depop or eBay to browse thousands of vintage listings from all over the world. Their selection is extensive, so be specific with your search keywords.

If you’re looking for a unique way to stand out with bold colors, then don’t miss out on exploring thrift stores and vintage shops – they are treasure troves of neon fashion. You’ll never know what hidden gems you might uncover if you keep searching!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is neon fashion?

Neon fashion is a clothing style that features bright, bold colors in shades of neon. It was particularly popular in the 1990s, but has since made a comeback in recent years.

How can I incorporate neon into my wardrobe?

Neon can be incorporated into your wardrobe in a variety of ways, including through statement pieces like dresses, jackets, or shoes, or through accessories like jewelry, hats, or sunglasses.

Can neon be worn for formal occasions?

Yes, neon can be worn for formal occasions. However, it’s best to keep the neon subtle and understated, such as with a neon-colored clutch or a pair of neon heels.

Can neon be worn year-round?

Yes, neon can be worn year-round. In the colder months, neon can add a pop of color to darker, more muted outfits, while in the warmer months, neon can be worn as a statement piece on its own.

What colors pair well with neon?

Neon pairs well with other bright, bold colors, such as royal blue, hot pink, and bright green. It can also look great with more neutral colors like black, white, and gray.

How do I balance an outfit with neon?

When incorporating neon into an outfit, it’s important to balance it with more neutral pieces. For example, a neon top can be paired with black pants or a white skirt, while neon shoes can be paired with a simple dress or jeans and a t-shirt.