My first month as a Mozilla Intern

Today marks the first month since I started my internship here in Mountain View, California with Mozilla. It’s been exhausting, but it’s been a blast. I’ve met so many great people and worked on a lot of cool projects, and It’s a shame I only have a month (and six days) left.

I’ve done a lot this past month, so I wanted to write a bit about what I’ve been working on and things I’ve learned so far throughout my internship.

One of my projects this summer is to write a Python package that generates a web extension (a better add-on), with customization options such as making it restart-less, giving it a unique identifier, giving it a name, things like that. Axl (Automated eXtension Library) is up and ready to run now, and we’re almost ready to start integrating it into some of our automated add-on tests to help us install add-ons and extensions with specific criteria. Throughout the course of the summer (and beyond), it will continue to evolve, become more robust and stable, and continue to become integrated in more tests across the project.

You can view the source for Axl on GitHub or on PyPi.

My second project is working on automated testing efforts for Soon, we will be launching a new design for Discovery Pane, a page that recommends add-ons to users and suggests ones they may like. Recently, I wrote the first tests that will make sure it continues to work through further updates. This is somewhat difficult in terms of having to use Selenium Webdriver on top of Marionette, having to interact with embedded page content, and soon, the browser chrome as well.

You can view some of the work here and here.

Lastly, I’m working on our QA Dashboard, which allows us to keep track of pull requests, issues, and repository statuses across our team. What started off as this… MozWebQA Dashboard Original…I redesigned into this.

MozWebQA Dashboard NewImprovements are still being made, including the addition of a main overview dashboard with items such as total pull requests, total issues, new views, and an improved label and filter system.

The redesigned dashboard incorporates more of a Mozilla feel to it, with brand colors and fonts, and improved readability across issues and pull requests, as well as new resource links to locations such as our GitHub pages, contribution instructions, and continuous integration statuses.

You can view the dashboard here and view the source here.

In addition to working on some cool projects, I’ve had some cool adventures too. Whether it was hanging out with the other interns and watching the Warriors game, to biking the streets of San Francisco with my best friend, or trekking across Muir Woods, this summer has been a blast so far and I can’t wait to see what the rest of it will be.

I’ll continue to post more updates throughout the summer, every week or two with more detailed information, but hopefully this fills you in with the basics so far.

My first month as a Mozilla Intern

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