Foxfooding Update – Day 2

Since I endured the data-loss yesterday while running the tests, I have run into another issue. What can I say? Curiosity kills the cat. Or, in this case, the build that’s vital to logging my usage and activity for the program.

Now before the people in charge of this project read this and freak out, it’s resolved and back to normal. You can continue reading now without getting angry/worried/upset or cancelling my participation.

The other day, I attended a session over Marionette JS, a tool that allows us to run automated tests using JavaScript on Gaia (Firefox OS) builds. Now, in my curiosity and eagerness to absorb the fundamentals of new technologies and learn new tools, I decided there was no better device to use than my high-performance brand new Foxfooding device. It turns out, there was a better device.

You see, when these tests run, Marionette JS creates a new profile on my device, basically creating a new device itself. In doing so, it wiped everything I had and my existing Foxfooding profile. Again, I repeat, I was in trouble.

As part of the Foxfooding initiative, Mozilla logs stats about how we use the device and our activities on it (kinda anti-Mozilla values, but I see their intentions). Now, I had a “new” device, and they weren’t receiving those logs anymore. I reached out to someone on the Foxfooding team and he made it very clear to me, this was not the device I should be using to test things on.

So I started thinking. After my experience yesterday where I wiped a bunch of data — contacts, photos — not that they were important, and apps — through running other testes, I took into consideration what the nice man told me.

This is not a QA device. Use your Flame, not the Foxfooding phone.

One of my responsibilities is to use it once a day. Ideally, I’d like to use it a lot more to provide feedback, but I’m not quite comfortable with the idea of leaving my iPhone in the dust.

So my solution: I’m going to still use my iPhone as my primary phone. Text messaging, calling, apps that aren’t available on Firefox OS. But, everything else that can be done on my device, like browsing the web, calendar, mail, Twitter, I will be doing on the Xperia.

I hope this allows me to still use the device as a consumer would, but not have to give up my iPhone entirely. I’ll continue to post updates (not as frequently) about my involvement with the project, thoughts, and ideas, so check back often.

To read more about the Foxfood initiative or apply for one yourself, visit the Foxfood Community site, or #foxfood on Mozilla’s IRC network.

Foxfooding Update – Day 2

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