Pattr – State of Security

As of November 30, 2015, 5:00 PM, all chat rooms on Pattr are encrypted via an SSL certificate.

Our mission: Pattr believes in fostering an open web, with maximum security and privacy for its users. We do this buy building creative tools and platforms for users to engage in untracked conversations, providing intuitive design while never sacrificing usability.

As part of upholding our mission, we asked our users to donate in effort to afford an SSL certificate and they answered. We raised enough to afford the certificate, plus some which will aide in future efforts to support hosting and more features.

An SSL certificate prevents third-parties from “sniffing” data and intercepting it, storing it on their own servers. This makes the transition between our users and Pattr’s servers more secure and reliable.

At this point in time, messages do interact with Pattr’s servers, and we scan for input like /users, or /w, but we do not and never will store messages. You can see this for yourself in the source code.

In the near future, Pattr will feature password protection in rooms, which will allow messages to be encrypted on the client side. This means Pattr would be completely unable to scan input or store messages, even if we wanted to.

For more information on the state of security on Pattr, email

-The Pattr Team



Pattr – State of Security

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