Introducing Pattr 1.0, Truly Instant Private Messaging

In partnership with Alex Meza, he and I are launching a web application, Pattr, a disposable chat room service intent on privacy and security. It’s easy to start a chat, and we never store messages on our servers.

Pattr is an online disposable chat room, similar to IRC, but simpler and more efficient. Starting a chat is as simple as sharing a link, which means no accounts or sign in is required. This makes it extremely efficient and easy to use for people who need to have a quick conversation. The link is structured similar to Reddit’s, with the room code following c/, so an example url might look like

One of the most prioritized features of this app is the privacy and security. Our app does not store any messages on our servers, and all messages and content are inaccessible and gone forever after disconnecting a room. This is huge, given the amount of efficiency and security we give to our users. Coming soon in Version 2.0, rooms will feature Chat Extensions. For a small fee, a user may keep the chat room active and store the messages for 24 hours. We understand this may compromise security within a room, so a notification will be presented for any rooms containing an active Chat Extension.

Compared to our competitors, we believe we have a significant advantage, providing not only exceptional security and efficiency, but features a sleek and minimalistic design which creates a simple yet powerful user experience.
Combined with efficiency and security, one may say we’re making this all up, however one of my favorite features is this is an open source product. Anyone can fork, run, or modify the source code to help make Pattr even better, given that it’s within our terms of use and license.

Version 1.0 Release Notes

With the first release comes few, but powerful features:

  • Custom nicknames (along with super awesome generated nicknames upon room entry, featuring animals of Africa.)
  • Custom room names
  • Private messaging (whispering)
  • A dedicated bot to provide help and information

Version 2.0 (Coming Soon)

  • Chat Extensions
  • Links and images in messages
  • Mentions
  • Custom room themes
  • Enhanced UI
  • Mobile support

The Company

Pattr was co-founded by Alex Meza (CEO) and Justin Potts (CTO) to provide an efficient alternative to traditional Skype messaging and IRC which requires extra software, accounts, and store data on servers.

We are open source in order to aide the idea of transparency and promote trust between us and our users. Instead of telling you we don’t store messages, see for yourself.

Pattr runs off of Chat Extensions and Donations, and server fees are hefty, so don’t hesitate to buy us a coffee sometime. If every user donated $5 in one day, we’d have enough to support the site for a whole year.

To use Pattr, head over to and start a private chat, or directly create or join a chat room by going to

Introducing Pattr 1.0, Truly Instant Private Messaging

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