Terml.io is now open source!

It is with much pleasure that I announce the release of Terml.io today as now an open source tool that will help students not only study definitions, but now expose them to real-life industry standard code.

Open sourcing Terml.io has always been something I wanted to do, however with the payment system and premium feature integration, I opted to keep it closed to encourage use of our own platform. From this point onward, I will be taking mostly a hands-off approach. My colleague, Jeffrey Wang, will be in control of all aspects from this point onward, and I will be a contributor should I decide to make updates.

At this point in time, Terml.io is stable, with a clean design and good functionality. There is no better circumstance to step back from this project, although I hope it continues to grow from here. Thanks again, to all who supported the product since its beginning. Keep rocking.

You may view the new GitHub repository here.

Terml.io is now open source!

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