First Release of

Today, was released, which was a huge milestone for me in my development career. Never before have I programmed something so large scale where I had to keep track of what I was developing, when I was going to push it, and finally when I release it to the public. I’m especially excited for this release because I believe that this service will help thousands of students everywhere with their education, helping them create quality definitions. searches for and retrieves quality definitions for each term the user inputs. They can either copy and paste the terms, or type them in individually. This makes it very efficient for students and teachers given that once they open their electronic copy of flashcard terms, all they have to do is remove the ordered numbers and paste them in.

Originally, I was going to charge students, either a monthly fee, or something similar to a school lunch account where they would buy a certain amount of terms and could reload them at any time. However, I read an article written by Dave Margulius, the CEO of Quizlet on his blog, detailing why educational software should be free for all and inspired me to make free. In the future, I may implement a premium version with extra features, but until then, it’s free to everyone. To help pay for the cost of the domain and other expenses, I have implemented a Donate option. The donation feature was removed with the launch of Premium accounts.

I truly believe that will make a difference in students’ lives and cannot wait to see the effect and impressions it will make. After many long nights and stressful coding sessions, I’m proud to say our first release is out, so go check it out for yourself at

First Release of

One thought on “First Release of

  1. jeffwang16 says:

    I am truly excited to help Justin with hosting on our web servers. When I founded MyWikis 3 years ago, the company was in debt after paying for hosting costs. Today, financially solvent, MyWikis is able to support startups like with their hosting for as long as they need. I applaud the freemium model adapted for educational purposes and I’m excited to see the growth that will see. As a student myself, I am excited to use this highly efficient service to help my flashcard making. Thank you very much for!


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