What Does Garblemasher Even Mean?

A lot of people have asked me what the title of my blog means, and it’s kind of a simple explanation. But first, a brief history. During Summer 2014, I decided I would spend a lot of time with Mozilla. After getting a job at a tutoring company, I had to quit because it was not compatible with my marching band schedule. The problem was how I was going to pay for my car insurance and gas, so my parents offered me a “sponsored internship.” I was to put in at least 15 hours a week throughout the summer, volunteering with Mozilla.

While I was working on a project, Rebecca Billings and I were working on a really tough issue with a problematic pull request. After a long struggle to find the solution, I got it. In a mad frenzy of typing characters, I typed something along the lines of “garbelshmashers rbillings, I got it!”

When creating my blog name, I tried to think of something creative. Something original that no one had though of before. I felt like it needed to be something that had a story behind it and was really unique to me. After members of my team at Mozilla kept talking about it, I decided to take it for a spin. However, “Garbelshmashers” isn’t the easiest thing to spell and I was worried it would be too hard to remember. So I cleaned it up a little bit and made it easy to sound out. Something that would sound good at a conference where people would remember how to spell it later. So I eliminated some letters and got “garblesmasher.” Now you know.

Tl;Dr: In a mad frenzy of keyboard pushing in excitement after solving a hard problem at Mozilla, I came up with a word and cleaned it up a bit to turn it into this.

What Does Garblemasher Even Mean?

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